Memorial Glass Artwork
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Unique in life, Unparalleled in Tribute

Memories are one of the best legacies that exist after the death of someone loved.

Memories are one of the best legacies that exist after the death of someone loved.

Renowned artist Beverly Albrets, who specializes in glass etchings, carvings, stained glass and hand blown glass artwork, has turned her talents to create a living memorial for those who have lost their very special loved ones.

Beverly came up with the idea of incorporating the ashes into her art work, creating a mystically beautiful piece of glasswork

Cremation is becoming more customary and therefore the desire for more unique memorial options is also increasing particularly ones that help preserve the memory of and keep the spirit alive of our loved ones.

Many people would like an artistic way to preserve the memory of a loved one after death. Some people have kept the ashes of a loved one's remains in urns or boxes for years. Blown glass artwork is beautiful to begin with - combining the cremated remains of a loved one with glasswork creates a loving memorial for both family and friends.

Now every family
member can have their
own tangible keepsake of
Their lost loved one that
will last forever.
We hope that through
the glass artwork, it will
help people find the
peace and strength to
move forward
All art forms are hand made and each piece will vary in shape and size. Glass pieces are available in two sizes, small pieces are 10-16 inches and the large are 18-24 inches. Custom sizes and designs are available upon request.
"...people often ask me about my fascination for working with glass...and I belive that, just as with any medium an artist chooses, I love working with the colors, textures, form.... the way light transforms the glass....from the myriad of colors in stained the pristine beauty of carved glass. Hot glass especially, with its fluid beauty, expresses my passion for art...and for life!"

Detail of cremated remains in glass artwork

Contact Information

Memorial Glass Artwork will only be available through authorized funeral homes. For information regarding your nearest funeral home please contact us at:

Beverly’s Tropical Glass Design
239 455-3778
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