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“As a child, glass always held an allure for me...on Sundays, I looked forward to going to church with my grandmother as I was fascinated with the impressive, colorful stained glass windows. I would become entranced by the way the sun illuminated the vivid colors.”

This fascination for glass stayed with her and as a young adult she started working with stained glass….the very medium in which art glass had its beginnings as stained glass windows in cathedrals all over Europe. Her expertise with glass soon grew and she added etched and carved glass to her repertoire.

Beverly, and her husband Bill, moved to Naples about 15 years ago and she continued her exciting work with art glass. As the carved and stained glass business thrived...a long held interest in “hot” glass evolved. Little information and even fewer resources were available. Finally, in culturally rich Miami, an opportunity to work with some experts in the field of hot glass presented itself. It was a great starting place...and adding her own ideas and design flair to the mix, they finally set up their own hot glass studio. The hot glass has grown from a mere “interest” to an integral part of her art glass work.


“...people often ask me about my fascination for working with glass...and I believe that, just as with any medium an artist chooses, I love working with the colors, textures, form…. the way light transforms the glass….from the myriad of colors in stained the pristine beauty of carved glass. Hot glass especially, with its fluid beauty, expresses my passion for art...and for life!”


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